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Game graphics of five Pokémon; Raichu, Doduo, Ninetales, Cloyster, and Metagross. They have unusual colors, with the ones to the left looking glitched.

About me:

I'm a person dabbling in various fields, such as messing around with games (video and not), reading whatever manga I can get my hands on, and getting lost in wikis for stuff I both do and don't have any experience with prior.

About this website:

This is my website, where I plan on posting some articles on things I find interesting, and links to stuff I've done elsewhere. Also there's a list of "things I've contributed to", where I can't claim any major credit. They are here because they are cool, and I want to recommend them.




Misc. stuff on this website:

Other things I've made:

Things I've contributed to:

Date format:

This website uses the date format YYYYY-MM-DD, that is year first, then month, and finally the date.
The 5 "Y"s are not because of some far future alternate reality setting, but simply that the site uses the Holocene Calendar (or Human Era, HE), which essentially adds 10000 years to the Gregorian Calendar. Why is this? Well, I just think of it as something neat. You can think of it as an arbitrary eccentricity, that isn't too off.

E.g. the date I am writing this, August 22 12022, would be written as 12022-08-22.