Voliol's website - Free-to-use images

On this page, I gather images (only sprites as of yet) that I've made and own, for this website or not. They are free to use - see the license below:

Copyright (c) Voliol

This license applies to all images included as the contents of this page, i.e. it does not apply to UI elements and/or images included as part of the web page's layout/framing. The images this license applies to may be used, shared, modified, and combined/merged with other images or other media, for non-commercial and commercial purposes. For commercial purposes, appropriate credits should be given, including a link to this page or an archived version of it. Commercial purposes include any project where donations are recieved for the creation of said project.

I, Voliol, reserve myself the right to use (etc.) these images without linking to this page, and to alter this license to relax (but not restrict) it in regards to use (etc.) and crediting. "Voliol" refers to the real person creating these images and writing this license, not the handle.


Chess Pieces, 32x32 pixels
Shogi Pieces, 32x32 pixels
"Pokémon"-esque 1-bit Icons, 12x18 pixels.
These are made to work with the Bitlands tileset for Dwarf Fortress.