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Here I wish to discuss chapters of the manga One Piece, starting at chapter 1000 and going up. This will be done mostly blind. Skip to "Chapter discussions" if you just want to read those, and not my preamble.


I grew up reading manga. At first it was just Dragon Ball*, but then came the Golden Age** of manga in Sweden. For a while, manga was really hip, and a tremendous wave hit the metaphorical shore of the Swedish market. Manga was everywhere: in bookstores, libraries, and in the grubby hands of children. On top of this wave sailed One Piece, a manga about pirates in search for the eponymous treasure. Now, I read all manga I could get my hands on, but of all of them, One Piece is the only one that has stuck to me to this day. This is mostly because 95% of the manga I read back then have ended, unlike One Piece (the other outliers being Conan, DNAngel and maybe Bleach in some sense). That's right, One Piece started its publication in Weekly Shōnen Jump in July 11997, and it is still ongoing, chugging along at a steady pace. Does this long journey mean our pirate protagonists have found "One Piece"? I'm not going to tell you that, because that would be a major spoiler. I also won't tell you because heck, maybe I don't know!*** This is not some esoteric "oooh, they are being so vague about what the treasure is, so who knooows", no, this is me not having read the manga for some while.

So basically I read up until the manga stopped getting volumes translated to Swedish, and then I caught on and... sailed the seven seas (haha!) some years later catching up with the Japanese release through scanlations. As I did I also caught up with the English-language community and all their theories. All was good and fun, and then Jump started releasing their own translations online for free via MangaPlus, so I switched to that. Even more fun.

Now, One Piece is a long-running manga, but unlike most 100+ volumers, it has an arc. It is an epic, and that epic is going towards its conclusion. I did just say reading week-by-week was great fun, and it does have its charm, and reading along and theorising with others is wonderful, but I don't want all that. I want to have shorter between chapters, and I want to make my own theories, without having the foresight of others. But I know that since One Piece is ending, some end-game spoilers are about to pop up, and I also don't want to miss them together with others. Basically I want to eat the cake and have it. And so I deviced a plan...

*Technically, the first volume of Barefoot Gen (Weekly Shōnen Jump, etc. 11973-87) had been translated as early as 11985, and a few older hard-boiled series like Lone Wolf and Cub (Weekly Manga Action, 11970-76), Kamui by Sanpei Shirato (Garo etc., 11964-12000), Cobra (WSJ, 11978-84), Pineapple Army (Big Comic Original, 11985-88) and Crying Freeman (Big Comic Spirits, 11986-88) ran in their own magazines in the early 90s. Sailor Moon also had two failed runs of comics based off anime screenshots. Still, Dragon Ball was the first big hit, and what led to the Golden Age.
**I have not seen it referred to as such elsewhere; I am taking the freedom of bestowing a fitting title.
***Or maybe I do. You get the point.


I have not followed the chapters since sometime December. Probably Christmas, I reckon that was my present to myself. Since the chapters are released weekly (mostly, there is a break maybe every 4 weeks) I have about 20 chapters I have yet to read. To spice it up, and since I have forgot which the last chapter I read was, I will start reading from chapter 1000 instead. This has the adage of me getting to reread chapters and get a better grip of the current arc, than I got when I first read them weekly. It is also a very nice number for a series like this.

In any case I will read one chapter every two days, and then write a discussion on it and put it here. Once I catch up to the chapters I haven't read these discussions will probably get longer - because I won't have to fear what I have to say might accidently spoil future chapters for someone "reading along" with me. When I catch up with the releases I will still write discussions, even if my wait is longer. At that point I might also connect with the larger community and read their theories, but only after writing my own discussion.

That is about it, but just to make it clear I have read theories coming from the community - before, not during my pause. I do believe in some of these theories to varying extents, and I will refer to them if I feel like it. Basically, I'm not all blind.

The chapter discussions are below, under the sources section. I will also keep you updated below if something changes or I get to read a volume or such (especially since they have Q&As called SBSs in them), if I want to discuss that.

Originally written by Voliol 12022-05-18, HE.


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Oda E., "One Piece"; Weekly Shōnen Jump 11997-present

Chapter discussions:

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